28 December 2010

Remember This Time

I came across an interesting article about lessons from the Great Depression. Take a look for yourself by clicking here

A number of points in the article stuck with me. For instance, the idea that advertising creates needs addresses the engine that drives consumerism.

What stood out most, however, was the underlying message of how closely environmental issues are tied to our everyday activities. Of course, the author didn't mention the environment directly, but buying products that last and/or serve multiple functions benefits the planet as well as ourselves by reducing need. Additionally, along with giving people greater satisfaction and fiscal security, improving your house slowly (rather than wanting everything at once) can help lessen the impacts of consumerism; and of course, energy-efficient appliances reduce the consumption of natural resources.

Clearly, we can align our well-being with that of the planet, but doing so means remembering lessons from the past. As the article also shows, we sometimes forget our mistakes and have to relive them.

07 December 2010

Picture This

Searching for a new look from your computer? Quickly naturize your computer desktop by visiting The Nature Conservancy's wallpaper page.

The page contains great photos of animals and natural settings. (See the example below.) That makes it a cool way to experience nature even when you have to sit in front of your computer screen.

Explore the many options. You'll likely find something that fits your interests.