About This Blog

Envirofinn hopes to help minimize people's negative impact on the planet, create opportunities for positive and fulfilling interactions with the environment, and foster a healthier world.

With that in mind, the blog offers itself as a resource hub for individuals who want to help the planet but might not know where to look for information that will assist them in doing so. It features entries that introduce a variety of topics and ideas related to environmental issues (see the Topics of Discussion page for a list of these). Additionally, be sure to explore the blog list and the categorized Web site links. You'll find these extending down the right side of each page. They provide more information than I can cover here and make leading an environmentally friendly life a little easier.

Good habits tend to develop a little more difficultly than bad ones. However, if you know where to find the resources for getting started, those good habits become more empowering than challenging. Envirofinn tries to help with that.

I also use the site to share my experiences of the environment and encourage others to connect with the natural world.