07 October 2010

Going to Bat for Flying Mammals

Our stereotypes of bats are hardly flattering. We associate them with vampires and rabies, and as a result, we hate the idea of them flying around us. However, we might want to rethink our perspective on these night flyers.

After most of the birds have gone to sleep, bats take on the bulk of the bug eating. Therefore, they perform an important role in the natural cycle, and at the same time, they make our lives just a little more pleasant. With this in mind, you might think differently the next time you see a bat over head. Then, if you get to the point where that image actually seems cool, you might consider setting up a bat house to encourage these buginators to live nearby. 

The Organization for Bat Conservation sells bat houses and uses the proceeds to help bats (unfortunately, a number of species are in decline). The organization also makes available free plans for how to build bat houses on your own. Whether you buy or build a bat house, be sure to look at the organization's recommendations for hanging the house properly.

While you are visiting the site, also check out some of the information about bats. Perhaps you'll develop even more new perspectives from which to see these amazing animals.

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