05 January 2011

Donating Your Wheels

Happy 2011.

Since it's a new year, most people are talking about new things, but I've been known to follow my own drummer from time to time, so I'm going to start the blogging year by talking about something old, specifically your old car.

Perhaps you're thinking about getting rid of a car you've had for a while (maybe because you are trying to cut down on the number of vehicles you own, you plan on getting a more fuel-efficient one, or you are venturing into the exciting world of a car-less life). If so, consider avoiding the hassle of selling your old car by donating it. People in the Pacific Northwest can pick up a tax deduction by donating their cars to a variety of charities through Northwest Charity Donation Service.

NWCDS accepts various vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, jet skis, snowmobiles, motor homes, buses, tractors, heavy equipment, and boats. The company sells the machines, and the proceeds benefit the charity you have selected from the list of participating organizations, a list that features a number of animal groups. NWCDS often even takes machines that don't run, and the company will pick up your donation at no cost to you.

All in all, it's a pretty good way of saying goodbye to your old car.

It seems likely that if you live outside the Northwest, a company like NWCDS exists near you, so check it out. Also, if you would like some tax information about donating your vehicle, use the guide from the IRS.

By the way, if, after reading this post, you're still looking for something novel that aligns with the spirit of the new year, picture this: a car-less society. Totally cool.

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