09 February 2011

Wild Landmark

This month, the National Wildlife Federation is celebrating its 75th anniversary. February 3 marked the official day, and I wanted to acknowledge the milestone and NWF's impact on me.

I grew up reading the organization's kids' magazines (first Your Big Backyard and then Ranger Rick).  With nature all around me and a love of animals already in place, the magazines seemed a natural fit. I still remember learning how to make art out of cones and leaves.

For a long time, I didn't know NWF published the magazines. Then, as an adult, I started looking for environmental organizations to support and selected NWF as one of them. When I discovered that the organization was responsible for two of the publications that shaped my youth, I figured I had made a fitting choice.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, NWF. Thanks for helping articulate my relationship with the environment and for helping others explore their connections to it.

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