23 March 2011

Energy Transfer

The energy of spring is starting to show itself with warmer days and the bustle of nature.

As you welcome spring, consider embracing this shift in energy by changing the type of energy your home uses. No, this doesn't require buying a windmill or putting solar panels on your roof. The great thing is you can use energy from wind, solar, and other alternative sources simply by signing up for green power with your local utility.

To find out if your provider offers such an option, visit the US Department of Energy's Green Power Network.

It does cost more to buy green power, but I propose taking this as an opportunity: See if you can break even by identifying ways of lowering your energy consumption (perhaps unplugging electronic devices you are not using). If you can do this, then you have switched over to cleaner sources of energy and reduced your need for it at the same time.

Buying green energy also shows support for alternative sources, and if enough people follow your example, then hopefully the price will even out with that of traditional sources. That's the power of building energy.

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