18 June 2011

A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

Last week, I came to the end of a 12-ounce bottle of body wash. Now, in itself, that's not a very big thing. (I'm guessing it happens quite a bit around the world.) What made it significant to me was that before it finally ran out, that bottle served me for 23 weeks.

I don't have any official way of proving this, but I am pretty sure 23 weeks is a record for me with that size of bottle.

Stretching out the contents for that amount of time took a degree of adherence to the "pea rule," which suggests applying an amount of body wash the size of a pea to a washcloth or pouf and working it into a lather. I must admit, the actual amount I used at a time was probably a little bigger than a pea, and I usually used three of these applications per shower, but the rule of thumb helped me a lot.

It's great to know I made it nearly a half of a year before I had to open a new bottle. That saves resources and cuts down on the number of plastic bottles I have to recycle.

With my next bottle, I'm going to see if I can set a new personal record. Maybe I'll reach 26 weeks one day.

How far can you go with one bottle?

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