08 September 2011

New Crop of Croppers

You may have noticed my blog list includes Go Explore Nature, which talks about outdoor activities for people with children. It provides some cool ideas and is worth checking out.

One thing of particular interest on Go Explore Nature is Give a Kid a Camera. The idea is that people get a current topic from the Web site and share photographs their children took for that topic. The images are shared on a Flickr page.

I really like this idea. For one thing, it's a really simple way of interacting with nature. In fact, it's as much about getting outside as it is about the photography. Also, I remember being given a camera early in my life. It gave me the chance to capture my world and see nature through photographs. I've kept that early interest in photography, especially photographs of nature. The idea from Go Explore Nature just reminded me of how I started out.

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