12 March 2012

A Name from the Past for the Future

Until I was nearly 14, my bedroom door had a Cousteau Society sticker on it. Only when I no longer lived in that room did the sticker leave my life.

I was never actually in The Cousteau Society, but because I was a budding environmentalist, the sticker was more than a random decoration for me. I recall watching Jacques Cousteau's television programs, particularly one about Antarctica. The shows' information about and calls to protect the environment resonated with me.

Partly because I remember what Jacques meant to my youth, I was excited to learn about the work of his granddaughter, Alexandra, whom I mentioned a few entries ago. Alexandra has taken her grandfather's connection with the water and put her own spin on it, shining light on the water issues the planet currently faces and those we are likely to face in the future.

Today, I had a conversation about the growing importance of water issues, and after some thinking, I realized that because of Alexandra's work, the Cousteau name, first etched into my brain through a green and white sticker, is also going to help represent one of the key concerns of the planet's future. I think Jacques would be proud.

For more information about water issues and Alexandra's work, go to her Blue Legacy Web site.

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