20 April 2012

Take That

I've always had a hard time figuring out why some people spew anti-environmental comments, but this piece of news might just take the cake (birthday cake to be specific).

To summarize the story, for her eighth birthday, a Canadian girl decided that she would ask for donations to an environmental charity instead of presents. In trying to invite friends, she was told by three different parents that the donation idea was stupid.

How corrupt would a person's soul have to be in order for that individual to say such a thing to an eight-year-old?

It turned out that those anti-environmental/consumerism-superfan parents helped ignite an outpouring of donations to the girl's chosen cause, a campaign by Earth Rangers and the Nature Conservancy of Canada to protect pine martens (pictured above). Her goal was $500; she has now raised $2,000.

As one of the donors, I'd just like to say to those naysayer parents, "Stick it in your ear." And to the girl I say, "Hold your head high. You're awesome."

If you'd like to add to the girl's birthday "present," click here.

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