17 January 2013

More with Less

I suspect it's hard to find many journalists in kitchens: They apparently have an aversion to heat.

Within the last ten days, a series a disturbing reports have surfaced around environmental issues. First, as The New York Times reports, 2012 was the hottest year on record in the United States. Then, came the news that on a global scale, 2012 was one of the 10 hottest years ever. Together, these pieces of news suggest things are getting pretty warm in here. 

Now, we're learning how media are responding to the warming of the planet. Huffington Post explains that despite the hot temperatures, coverage of global warming declined in 2012. Also, we learn from Al Gore that The New York Times is disbanding its division that reports on environmental issues.

I find it astonishing and discouraging that news media are growing increasingly silent on the environment as massive environmental changes reshape this planet so alarmingly.

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