23 February 2013

Classroom Environment

Schools give us a lot, but we often forget that we can bring a lot to our schools in return.

Looking back, school gave me many great opportunities to learn about and experience the environment. This was particularly true from kindergarten through middle school. However, it never occurred to me then that I might help improve my school's environmental connection.

This year, students in K-12 will have that chance. Global Green USA is giving students the opportunity to enter its Green School Makeover Competition, in which students propose projects that will help their schools become healthier and more environmentally friendly. Projects include energy-efficiency upgrades, reduction of water use, and minimization of waste. The winning proposal will receive $75,000 in funding. For more information about the competition, click here.

By empowering students to make a difference at their schools, the project takes learning to a whole new level, and in the process, it benefits the environment.

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