09 April 2013

Canada's Wild

While the current generation of decision makers in Canada roll back environmental protections and seek fossil fuels at any cost, the future looks a little brighter with organizations like Earth Rangers and its Bring Back the Wild campaign.

Earth Rangers is an organization that encourages children to become involved in environmental issues, and the Bring Back the Wild campaign focuses on protecting species. (You may remember last year's post about a girl trying to save pine martens.)

This year, children are raising funds to protect the Oregon spotted frog, the badger, the polar bear, and the wood thrush. By entering the competition, they have the chance to win one of four trips to the Arctic. Check out the video below:

Whales Trails and Polar Bear Tales Contest from Earth Rangers on Vimeo.

Canada's environmental reputation has taken some serious hits lately, but the children of Earth Rangers may turn things around in the coming years.

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