10 October 2013

Bye-Bye Love

We know lost loves can create pain that lasts a long time, so imagine that hurt tied to the consequences of losing something from our environment.

The Climate Reality Project (CRP) is giving people the opportunity to think about how global warming might impact the things they love, including sports, food, wine, wildlife, and places. CRP created What I Love, a Web site that allows individuals to choose the things that matter to them and learn how a warming planet threatens those thing. Take a look at the teaser video below:

Global warming is a large-scale issue that touches every aspect of our lives, and its influence will continue to grow if we don't reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By creating What I Love, the CRP gives us a better understanding of the big picture of today and the bigger picture of the future. To visit the site, click here.

Love is about connecting, and our link to the environment is our most fundamental bond. We should start to consider what we and the rest of the planet might lose if we crack that connection.

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