23 January 2014

The Virtues of a Foolish Heart

When a fool's errand becomes a life calling, the results can be great for individuals and the environment.

Morgan Heim, a journalist turned conservation photographer, made what she calls a "foolish" decision, and now, she encourages others to do the same kind of thing. Heim uprooted her life and her career path to take on an underdog photography project about a relatively unknown animal, the fishing cat, and she did so without a real plan. Watch as she discusses her foolishness below:

Under traditional thinking, what Heim did might indeed seem foolish, yet thanks to her work, the endangered fishing cat is getting worldwide attention, and we have a new model for finding fulfilling jobs. To learn more about Heim's foolishness, click here, and to view her photography, click here.

Fools may rush in, but sometimes, they come out with something special.

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