20 May 2014

Sound of Success

Unexpected sounds ring the loudest.

After three years of inactivity in the bat house I purchased for my parents at Christmas 2010, I'd pretty much given up on having tenants in the house's current location. That's why when a strange clicking from its direction arrested my attention last Saturday evening, I didn't initially think about bats. I wondered if a bug or a bird made the sound, but once I determined it was coming from the bat house, I began to realize we'd finally succeeded in enticing a bat. The next day, I was able to confirm at least one bat had taken up residence.

Finding the bat fulfills a plan set in motion several years ago. Even before 2010, we'd talked about setting up a bat house. Then in fall 2010, I blogged about the efforts of the Organization for Bat Conservation and decided to buy one of its houses. We knew we didn't have an optimal placement for our bat house because it didn't have full, direct sunlight, but we decided to wait and see if the bats would eventually come. Happily, they did.

With bat populations continuing to decline, our little victory carries even more meaning for us. We're happy to support these crucial and amazing animals in a time of uncertainty.

From the sound of it, they appreciate the help.

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