31 October 2016

Move It Outside

When it comes to Black Friday, we often appear to have nowhere to run, but following outdoor retailer REI's lead might move us in the right direction.

The advertising and craziness of post-Thanksgiving shopping seem to grow every year--more and more things, more and more consumption. However, when REI introduced its Opt Outside campaign last year, a new direction, one that focused on experiences and the outdoors, popped up on the horizon. This year, REI looks to expand on the campaign and turn that new path into a movement.

In keeping with last year's decision, REI will close for Black Friday 2016, giving its employees a chance to spend the day after Thanksgiving with family, friends, and nature while having a paid day off. The retailer has even begun encouraging other companies to do the same. Clearly, REI wants Opt Outside to develop into something bigger. It's challenging a dominant perspective about what we value and how we spend our time and resources.

Consumers have a crucial role to play if Opt Outside is to become a movement. Choosing loved ones and the environment over shopping sends a powerful message that encourages other companies to follow REI's lead. To join the movement and find some ideas for how to make the most of Opt Outside, click here.

If we have one place free of the Black Friday frenzy, it's the outdoors, and that's exactly where REI is pointing us.

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