27 May 2011

Catching Eyes, Spreading Words

Today's entry is about something I just heard about. I have no great insight into it (I can't even guarantee that it's worthwhile), only a great curiosity for it, and I relay it to you only as a thought that passed through me and seemed to deserve dissemination.

The topic is a book called No Impact Man by Colin Beavan. It chronicles a year in which the author and his family tried to minimize their impact on the planet. From the sound of it, they made some drastic changes and reached some profound conclusions.

I don't know if I'd ever be brave enough (or have the ability) to make all the changes the Beavans made, and I am not suggesting anyone else has to make such attempts. However, even if the book leaves a reader with one single thing she or he can do, that's something significant; so I'm going to look into it further as soon as I get a chance, and if you're interested, check it out too.

It has been my experience that getting started on minimizing one's impact is the hardest part. Once the mindset is in place, it gets easier. Perhaps this book can provide a nudge in the right direction.

No Impact Man is available at Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com. Also, it has been turned into a documentary, and I have added Beavan's blog to my bloglist.

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