30 May 2011

Summer Cinema

Starting June 3, a new documentary will begin popping up in theaters across the country. The Last Mountain looks at the issue of mountaintop removal mining in Appalachia.

Mountaintop removal is being used to extract coal, and in doing so, it destroys mountains and threatens human and environmental health. Check out the movie trailer below.

Besides the fact that it reveals the growing impact people can have on the planet, the film interests me because the issue it takes on challenges us to look at the interconnectedness between our behaviors and the environment. It lets us see where much of our energy comes from, how we get it, and the consequences of our need for it.

What is more, this film comes on the heels of last year's Academy Award-nominated Gasland, which explored the dangerous ramifications of using fracking to access natural gas. Together, the films indicate a larger problem with a need for resources.

It looks like The Last Mountain will appear first in major cities. Hopefully, it secures a wider release. For a list of theaters where the movie is scheduled to show, click here.

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