14 February 2012

Love is in the Land

Tonight, I read a blog post from an intern at the National Wildlife Federation about her crush on the Pacific Northwest. She highlighted 14 reasons she loves the region, and it got me thinking about my own affection for the PNW.

First, I'd like to add to the nice list compiled by the NWF writer by drawing attention to the Willapa Hills and the Washington coast. The hills embrace you warmly, and our beaches have a unique beauty. I also think we have great animal and plant species that contribute to the PNW's personality (the orca for example).

Finally, I don't think I'd call my feelings for the area a "crush." This love runs deep--the kind you feel for your family or a soulmate. The environment and lifestyle here shaped me, so no matter where I go, the PNW will always be a piece of me.

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