08 February 2014

Whistle for Wildlife

Don't keep this a secret.

Wildlife crimes have a huge impact on animals and the environment, and poaching of many species, including rhinos and elephants, is on the rise, helping drive up extinction rates.

Fortunately, blowing the whistle on wildlife crimes just became easier. The Elephant Action League has launched WildLeaks, an online platform where people can go to make anonymous reports about the poaching or trafficking of animals and timber. A team of investigative reporters and former law enforcement agents then evaluates the tips and decides on a course of action.

Danger surrounds the world of poaching, and safely providing information about it must often be done from the shadows. WildLeaks provides a channel with such protection. For more information about the program, click here.

The information submitted on WildLeaks might be anonymous, but the site itself deserves some attention.

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