05 June 2014

Now the Story

We don't have to go to a galaxy far, far away in a time long ago to find epic stories of planets.

The Story Group, an independent journalism company that combines multimedia with an emphasis on storytelling, has a new video series covering the current impacts of global warming. Revolving around the release of the National Climate Assessment, which I blogged about last month, the videos focus on the ways global warming already affects the planet. For example, one of the episodes looks at how global warming is changing our coasts. Watch it below:

National Climate Assessment: Coasts chapter from The Story Group on Vimeo.

Through the use of stories and video, The Story Group adds to the impressive collection of tools communicating the National Climate Assessment's findings. Where the government leaves off with its interactive Web site, The Story Group's series picks up, adding vivid detail and personal testimony about the changes occurring on this planet. For more information about The Story Group and its current project, click here.

The story of global warming is already in its first few chapters, and The Story Group is helping us get caught up on our reading.

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