21 June 2014

Turning the Camera Around

We have plenty of nature television shows told from the human perspective, but animals might just host their own shows soon.

The United State Geological Survey (USGS) recently released footage of polar bear activities taken from the point of view of a bear. Check it out below:

The video provides important insight into polar bears' lives. As the text at the end of the video says, the USGS plans to use such videos to learn about polar bears and record how they are adjusting to the impacts of global warming. The video also gives the general public a sense of the experiences polar bears have on a daily basis.

Also, Animal-POV videos like this possess the ability to improve the relationship between humans and nature. By using the technology with a variety of species, we can better understand the larger picture of life on Earth. Additionally, in contrast to traditional nature shows, which record the animals' actions from a distance and interpret them through a host or narrator, the POV videos let the other species tell their own stories.

Now, that's some reality TV I can get into.

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