16 July 2011

Big Moves

September is shaping up to be a big month for action on global warming. My previous post was about Al Gore's "24 Hours of Reality." Today, I'll talk about Moving Planet, which is a rally scheduled to take place September 24.

The purpose of Moving Planet is to show world leaders the amount of support people have for moving off fossil fuels, which contribute to global warming by producing greenhouse gases. People are encouraged to organize local events (that are all connected under the Moving Planet idea) and to arrive at those events without the use of fossil fuels. Walking, biking, and skateboarding would be great alternatives to driving to the event. To find a local event near you, click here. If you'd like information on creating your own event, click here.

Also, Moving Planet comes two days after World Carfree Day, which takes place every year on September 22. Plan ahead, and make arrangements (walking, biking, public transportation) so you don't have to use your car that day either.

I think it's great that Gore's event, Moving Planet, and World Carfree Day are happening so close to each other. That should add to their overall impact. Let's help that happen.

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