19 July 2011

Flying Food for Thought

Usually, I don't have great expectations for the reading available behind the seats on planes, but recently, I found something quite interesting and useful in one of those offerings.

The magazine had a preview of a book that will come out October 18. Written by Jennifer Reese, Make the Bread, Buy the Butter investigates whether it is more cost effective to make or buy various foods and snacks. The book also includes recipes.

Besides its potential to help people save money, I like the idea of this book because it is tied to quality of life, health, sustainability, and waste. In general, the less prepackaged stuff we buy, the healthier we are and the less trash we have.

By chronicling her experiences, Reese gives us some good food for thought. Think about getting this book when it comes out. I know it's on my radar.

Reese also has a blog. If you are interested in it, click here.

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