01 July 2011

My Top Five

This week, I was encouraged to think about and communicate the reasons it is important to me that we address global warming. Because I am a fan of the movie High Fidelity, I feel it is appropriate to express those reasons as a top five.

1. Addressing global warming improves our relationship with the planet because it requires cutting pollution from greenhouse gas emissions.

2. I feel a responsibility to the other inhabitants of the planet to stop the global effects of warming.

3. I feel a connection to the place I grew up, and I don't want to see it changed significantly by something we can stop.

4. I want to protect the species that are threatened with extinction by warming.

5. I want to feel the excitement of taking a new path of energy use and production.

Do you have a top five reasons to address global warming? What's important to you? How will it be affected by warming?

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