15 May 2012

Doing Your Homework for Summer

As parents know, school will soon be out for the summer, leaving children with a lot more free time. However, the challenge of keeping kids busy during June, July, and August is a great opportunity for connecting them with the environment.

It's good to get a head start with your nature-related summer plans. That way, you won't be blindsided when the last day of school rolls around. Also, you'll probably end up enjoying the nature time a lot more if you're prepared.

The following resources might help you begin to lay out your bringing-kid-to-nature strategies. First, check out these tips from Go Explore Nature. The thoughtful ideas come from a mom who has been through this before. Second, look into this reading list from the National Wildlife Federation. Along with providing a reading activity, the books focus on nature, encouraging kids to get outside and connect with the environment.

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