18 May 2012

Listen Up

In my last entry, I blogged that today is Endangered Species Day and said our ability to help stop extinction depends on changing how we interact with the environment.

With that in mind, I wanted to share this Alan Rabinowitz interview, which was done by TreeHugger. Rabinowitz is a zoologist who specializes in the study of wild cats, especially the big cats. He also heads Panthera, a wild cat conservation organization.

The interview is wonderful. Rabinowitz is clearly very smart, and his ideas have helped revolutionize conservation and how we think about the human-nature relationship. As you'll find out, he is also a great communicator, explaining environmental issues in clear and interesting ways. That makes the interview very instructive for both members of the general public and individuals who seek to communicate environmental messages.

If you're interested, Rabinowitz also has a book called Jaguar, which I read a few years ago and would highly recommend. It's an example of great storytelling about an environmental subject.

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