10 May 2012

The Spring Classic

Major League Baseball's World Series is nicknamed the Fall Classic. Well, the Spring Classic might just be the World Series of Birding.

Since 1984, bird-watching teams having been showing up in New Jersey each spring to identify as many bird species as they can in 24 hours and raise funds for bird organizations.

This year, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology has two teams, each competing in a different category. The Redheads will be made up of some of the lab's students while the Anti-Petrels will compete in the carbon-neutral category, in which participants can move location only by bicycling or walking.

For more information about the World Series of Birding, click here. To get an update on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's teams, go to this entry from Round Robin, the lab's blog.

This one's for all the marbled godwits (shorebird). Let's play ball.

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