17 May 2013

Spreading My Wings

Spring is the time for growth, so I am expanding my blogging.

For the last two years, I have tracked the bird species I've seen and identified. I did this using electronic presentation slides. However, I decided that I could turn the experiences into a blog, so a few days ago, I created envirofinn birds, which I will use to reflect on and record the bird species I've seen in my life.

The blog will, of course, be about the birds, sharing information about them and using labels to describe where I've seen them and at what time of year. Another label will identify whether the species is a native of Washington state. However, because the entries are about my experiences with the bird, they are also about me.

I won't neglect my original blog, but I am excited for this new idea to take flight. It's a topic of particular interest to me, and I was able to play with one of the new, dynamic blog templates.

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