26 April 2014

Loud and Clear

If a tree falls in the forest, and an orangutan is around to hear it, does it make a difference?

The Rainforest Action Network's (RAN) campaign on palm oil makes sure we know it does. A common ingredient in many products, palm oil's demand has risen dramatically. As a result, many acres of rainforest have been cleared to grow more oil palms, destroying vital habitat and endangering the species that live there. RAN seeks to draw attention to the issue and spark action to stop the destruction.

One video from RAN's campaign promotes change by bridging the divide between humans and nature. It shows a girl who is deaf using sign language to communicate with an orangutan. Check it out below:

The discussion between the orangutan and the girl may be silent, but it sends resonating messages about our connection with nature and our place in the larger world. Sharing the planet with other species requires us to share communication with them as well. RAN's video shows us how to do both. To learn more about RAN's work, click here.

There's no question nature is sending us signals about the impacts we're having on it; the real question is how we'll respond.

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