28 April 2014

Darkness on the Edge of Reason

If we want to see it, global warming is easily found.

The signs of a warming planet pop up everywhere; and years ago, scientists reached a consensus in determining that the phenomenon is caused by humans. Yet global warming remains a political debate, and we continue delaying attempts to address it. Dale Jamieson tries to explain the causes and consequences of our inaction in a new book called "Reason in a Dark Time."

Jamieson shares ideas that put our communication about the environment in the spotlight. To get a sample of what the book covers, read this interview with the author. The interview, all by itself, offers amazing insights about how we construct our relationship with the environment. "Reason in a Dark Time" is available now.

In covering a range of topics, including science communication, the importance of environmental values, and the complexities of our relationship with nature, Jamieson holds a mirror up to our faces. This reflective enlightenment shows us that if we have failed to address global warming, it is only because we have chosen not to see it. Science has given us all the information we need to take urgent action, yet we allow ourselves to delay.

The dark can be scary, but it's scarier that we'd choose to stay in it.

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