24 April 2014

On the Wings of Love

While some say fools rush in, albatrosses soar in.

We struggle to understand love, but birds offer us some insight. According to this article from National Public Radio (NPR), relationships in the bird world display an amazing range of duration, and albatross partners are most likely to stay committed to each other.

The research on bird pairs struck me with just how much it related to us. Clearly, individual people show differing preferences for long-term commitment just as the various types of birds do.

For those interested in discovering a soulmate, the process albatrosses use to find a partner provides some great ideas: Take time to find yourself; look for a good personality match, and really get to know that individual; make sure you have time to yourself; and get in sync with your partner.

NPR's article had a lot of cool information about birds and love. Its main week part was in negatively judging the species with short relationships. Such judgments ignore the many ways nature and humans work and privilege a certain perspective on relationships.

When it comes to love, perhaps birds of a feather really should flock together.

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