11 August 2010

Get Out

Earlier, I talked about how the National Wildlife Federation has put together resources designed to help teachers incorporate outside activities in their instruction. It is part of the organization's Be Out There campaign, which seeks to create time for children to be outdoors, experiencing nature.

Be Out There extends beyond the classroom into homes by making parents and guardians aware of the physical, emotional, and psychological benefits being outside has for children. It also promotes the idea that children don't necessarily have to go to a lake or a national park to enjoy these benefits. Nature is everywhere, including the backyard or the local park. The Be Out There Web page contains a parents' guide and tips for helping children begin to enjoy the world of the outside.

As someone who was fortunate enough to grow up with many opportunities to be outdoors, I think the Be Out There campaign is a wonderful thing. I may no longer be a child, but my childhood experiences outside left me with fond memories, and even now, when I need a break, I find the outdoors give me just what I need. The restorative power is indeed special.

Check out the NWF's Be Out There campaign by clicking on the image at the top of this post or by clicking here.

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