09 August 2010

Recycle Your Memory

I'll bet a lot of you didn't even know you could do that. Well, when it comes to computers, memory is recyclable.

Upgrading the memory in your computer is great for the machine's performance. However, the memory modules contain materials that are not good for the environment, so the old ones should not just be thrown away after your upgrade.

A great way to get rid of your old memory modules is to send them to 4 All Memory. The company will either recycle the modules or donate them to schools or nonprofit organizations if the modules still have some life left in them. The only cost comes from mailing the modules, which are usually pretty light, so shipping shouldn't be a big deal.

You can send your memory to the following address:

4 All Memory
Memory Recycling Program
655 Leffingwell Ave
St. Louis, MO 63122

Also, you can visit the Web page for the company's recycling program by clicking here.

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