19 August 2010

Leave it to Beavers

Much environmental news has a negative tone. We hear about pollution, endangered species, and the tensions between people and their environment. As a result, sometimes, it's nice to hear a good story.

Well, today's entry has the beginnings of a great story. Scotland is attempting to establish a beaver population for the first time since the animals were hunted to extinction there almost 400 years ago. Those efforts received good news last month when two kits (the first born in the country since the species was wiped out there) emerged from their lodge in the Knapdale Forest on the Kintyre Peninsula.

This news is important because naturalists are hoping to bring the reintroduction program to other parts of the United Kingdom, and success in Scotland would help increase the odds of that happening.

Above all, this is one story that shows positive aspects of people's interaction with the environment.

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