11 August 2010

Less Mail, Less Stress, Healthier Planet

If you are overwhelmed with junk mail, you are not alone, and all that mail puts a strain on the planet's resources.

Besides being irritating, junk mail requires a lot of paper and, in the best case scenario, a lot of recycling. What is more, not all of it gets recycled, creating more trash.

Let's get this straight then: We don't want the junk mail, and we would rather not have to dispose of it; plus, it's bad for the planet. Why don't we just get rid of it? Well, perhaps because we don't know how.

Luckily, it can be done. Check out Catalog Choice (click here), a Web site that allows you to opt out of catalogs you don't want, and the Direct Marketing Association's DMAchoice Web site (click here), which helps with multiple types of junk mail, including catalogs, credit card applications, and magazine offers.

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